Have you ever wondered, what pets Korean stars and K-POP Idols have?

Today, We will show you the animal famous South Korean celebrities have as a dog pet. Have you heard that dogs are often like their owners– in terms of style, personality, or even having similar appearances? Let’s see what kind of breed these beautiful people are? and how cute are they. And see if they have some similarities with their dog pet!

1. Jennie Blackpink with her Pomeranian

Jennie, the hottest rising star from Blackpink, also has a little Pomeranian dog named ‘Kuma’. Kuma is a chocolate brown Pomeranian, very cute and fluffy just like a little bear. This breed is really popular now and then. No wonder why Jennie loves Kuma so much. Such a cute Duo!

2. Chanyeol EXO and his Maltipoo

Chanyeol, the handsome boy from EXO, also has a Maltipoo dog named “Zza”. This breed is very popular, especially in South Korea! Because Maltipoos are smart, affectionate, and don’t shed any hair. That’s probably why Chanyeol fell in love with this Zza the Maltipoo. They’re very close. Always on cameras and even live stream together! How cute is that?

3. Taeyeon SNSD and her Poodle

Taeyeon, a beautiful girl from the Girl’s generation (SNSD), also has a Poodle breed dog named ‘Zero’. Zero is a toy poodle with a silver coat color that is quite rare and very hard to find in South Korea. This color is really beautiful and unique.  It’s very suitable for Taeyeon. Zero got a cute round-eyed. One of Taeyeon’s favorite things on earth. Zero appears on shows, and social media often. Safe to say Zero is a star just like Taeyeon. 

4. Jisoo Blackpink and her Maltese

Jisoo from Blackpink also has a pet a Maltese dog named ‘Dalgom’. This breed is very popular and is almost the national breed of South Korea. They have signature white fur, cute faces, and a sweet personality. Maltese is cute and matching with Jisoo’s style as well. Such a really cute duo. Anyone who likes affectionate dogs loves this breed. Just like  Jisoo love them for sure!

5. Lisa Blackpink and her Doberman

Lisa Blackpink is a beautiful rising star. Have a large-sized dog called a Doberman as breed. The name of the Doberman is ‘Love’. This breed is tall, long, and has a very good slim body type. They are super cool and very elegant. Just like Lisa’s. Make them a cool duo.

6. Song Hye Kyo and her Bichon Frise dog

Song Hye Kyo is a famous actress who also has Bichon Frise dogs named ‘Ruby’ and ‘Ogu’. Bichon are white, fluffy dogs that probably are as popular in South Korea as Song Hye Kyo. This breed is famous for being friendly, cute, and bright. It’s so cute to the point that Song Hye Kyo has 2 of them! 

7. Park Seo Joon and his Bichon Frise

Besides, Song Hye Kyo, the famous star Park Seo Jun also fell in love with  Bichon Frise’s dog. His Bichon’s name is ‘Simba’. Simba is such a cute sweet furbaby. Cute just like Park Seo Jun! Hehee

Ahh, they’re all so cute. Both humans and dogs!

Enjoyed looking at them right?! We kind of feel that the owner and the dog have some similarities– looks, some personalities. It’s like a dog is a representative of their owner. Not sure what is but it’s there. However, one thing that they all got the same is the cuteness for sure!  

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